Products and Services

Products and Services

Neptune and Dornoch Manifolds

Black Mountain provides generic manifolds compatible with your Neptune or Dornoch fluid suction machines. These manifolds are 510(k) exempt, FDA registered, and proven to offer anywhere from 25% to 50% savings.


Pain Management

Black Mountain has partnered with a national DME to provide electronic pain pumps for regional nerve blocks to help reduce post-surgical opioid usage. Compared to elastomeric delivery systems such as On-Q, this allows your clinicians the ability to deliver precise amounts of medication over an exact period of time. Our program is delivering anywhere from a 40% to 75% savings as well as 9 out of 10 patient satisfaction scores for your facility’s HCAHPS.

OR Floor Suction

With a small footprint, Big FOOT is moved around the floor like smaller floor suction devices. Big FOOT is the most efficient, low cost floor sucker on the market, crafted to dry your floors during low, moderate or high fluid cases. It can be attached to any OR suction device and comes packaged with the Yeti ™ absorption mat.



Our collection of reprocessed products can greatly reduce your disposal costs. For example, reprocessing manifolds diverts thousands of pounds of non-biodegradable plastic from landfills and can save facilities hundreds of thousands of dollars in supply costs.


Toxicology and Pharmacogenetic Testing

Prescription drug abuse is a real and growing problem in today’s healthcare market. Determining a patient’s genetic propensity to respond to a certain substance over another allows clinicians the ability to accurately prescribe the proper medications for each individual they treat. Our toxicology lab allows clinicians to monitor their chronic pain medication users.